The main advantages of cryotherapy

Health and beauty:

Extremely low temperatures trigger self-healing mechanisms in the human body. Short-term skin cooling up to 3 minutes promotes metabolic processes in the body, reduces fatigue, improves sleep, and stimulates the immune system.

Natural treatment:

Cryotherapy reinforces the activation of the body's natural defense processes and is therefore completely safe. Short-term body exposure to low temperatures does not affect body temperature. Cool nitrogen uses liquid nitrogen containing ¾ atmospheric air.

Time savings:

One procedure takes up to 3 minutes. There is no compulsory exercise in our country. Cryotherapy deals with multiple issues at the same time. This triggers the self-treatment process at several levels.


We feel the stay in very cold air is more pleasant compared to conventional cold water hardening methods, because the air cooled to very low temperatures contains almost no moisture. As a bonus, the cold in the procedure triggers the production of endorphins, which are the hormones of happiness that elicit feelings of euphoria. Our patients are thrilled by the response to therapy after the first procedure.

Frequency of visits:

You will know the effect of cryosauna for min. 3 visits. Frequency of visits is ideal after 2-3 days, up to 1 week. During intensive treatment, you can go every day.

Cryosauna will help
  • strengthen immunity
  • get rid of pain
  • heal wounds and scars
  • regenerate after fatigue
  • eliminate inflammation
  • increase fitness
  • reduce overweight
  • strengthen sexual appetite
  • harden
  • improve cellulite