Cryosaun user questions

1. I need cold to act on my face as well as on my whole body. Is it possible to sit there?

The cold in cryosauna is from the feet to the neck. You can not sit in cryosauna.


2. Do I correctly understand that 3 entries are for 600 and no more discounts per student are paid?

Yes, the first 3 entries are for $ 600 regardless of whether you are a student or not. The price for the first 3 entries is linked to the unique bank account from which you pay. From one account, you can pay "3 entries for $ 600" only once.


3. Do you also receive a Multisport Card?

No, we will never be. Cold causes the expensive nitrogen that is consumed on every client. At Multisport you will not get 5 expensive ionic drinks for free.


4. Entrance of persons under the age of 18 and children respectively. people of small increase in cryosauna

Cryosauna is a medical facility for adults over 18 years of age. If a person under the age of 18 has a medical need for which cold treatment can help, consult a physician beforehand. In the presence of one of the parents and at his own risk, the procedure may be completed. The person in cryosauna must always have a chin at the top edge level to avoid breathing nitrogen. This corresponds to a height of at least 145cm, a smaller increase is therefore an absolute contraindication. In the first procedures for people under the age of 18 let set a shorter time of about 1.5 minutes and possibly a temperature higher than -150 ° C and respect the greater influence of the cold on the young organism.


5. Is it necessary to order by phone or just come and what to take with you?

No order is needed. It is necessary to come to the beginning of the procedure according to the operating time. You do not need anything extra. You enter cryosauna in regular underwear and socks. Perhaps you will get cold on the toes at your feet, so it is better to have regular or even stronger socks.


6. Will I recover? Will I need a shower?

You must enter the cryosauna dry, at least 1 hour after bathing or strong sweating. From the cryosauna, you will again get dry (not drunk). You do not need a shower. Dress up in civilian or sportswear.


7. What about sports before and after cryosauna?

Do not be sweaty before using cryosauna. We recommend at least 1-2 hours after the end of aerobic activity or swimming. On the contrary, after cryosauna, you can go straight to the gym, run, spinning.


8. I'm a smaller figure. How can I make sure my head is not in white steam?

At the bottom of the machine is a "positioning elevator". After the entrance, it will take you to have your chin a few centimeters above the top.


9. I would like to be able to put my head in cold for medical reasons. Possible?

This is not going to happen with us. What you see on the video as a "white pair" is nitrogen - a cooling medium. Nitrogen can not breathe. Upon inhalation of nitrogen, there is a great chance of fainting. Further, the nitrogen is dried, like the eyes. Health is first. If you want help from the feet to your shoulders or arms. to the neck, and cryosauna is appropriate. If you want to keep your head cool, we can not do it.


10. Does the ticket count as from the purchase or from the first entry?

The validity period is calculated from the date of payment.


11. I lost the access code and I still have not exhausted all the inputs. How can I get the code?

Send us an email at and identify yourself with the email from which you placed the order. We will then send you an access code again. The number of remaining inputs remains unchanged.


12. I made 2 orders wrong (I was scared). Please cancel the other one.

If you make an order in error, you do not have to do anything. We will not force you to pay. The order will remain permanently unpaid and over time it will automatically cancel.

Cryosauna will help
  • strengthen immunity
  • get rid of pain
  • heal wounds and scars
  • regenerate after fatigue
  • eliminate inflammation
  • increase fitness
  • reduce overweight
  • strengthen sexual appetite
  • harden
  • improve cellulite