Opening Hours of Cryosauna in Prague 5

No need to order in advance. When you arrive, please enter the entrance code or pay a one-time cash deposit at the reception of the fitness center on the right floor. Procedures take place to the left of the main entrance to the Radlice Wellness Center.

Please always arrive in time for the opening hours . Operation begins by cooling the cryosauna (approx. 5 - 7 min depending on the ambient temperature). First, women go to the procedure in the order they came and then the men, in the order they arrived. The procedure takes 2 to 3 minutes. One user always goes through it and another one is getting ready (undressed). There are always same-sex users in the room. For the best cryosauning efficiency, we recommend that you follow the user's procedure before you and enter the cabin as soon as it comes out. This keeps the cabin cooler right from the start of your procedure. The user must be dressed in socks and underwear to be dry (at least an hour after swimming, bathing or strong sweating). After cryotherapy, you can go right away or go to a secondary fitness club to do aerobic activity.

The operation takes only 15 minutes when clients are in use , eg for 5 persons, but only 6 minutes for 2 clients or 30 minutes for 10 clients. How many people come can not be estimated, it depends on the weather, the season. Drying is started immediately after the last client and it is not technically possible to take the client's delayed procedure .

Our cryosauna made and installed in March 2017 has two 230 liter nitrogen tanks! Doubling the nitrogen supply limits its lack even if there is a supply delay. You can call 723 208 424 to verify the functionality of the cryosauna .

Cryosauna will help
  • strengthen immunity
  • get rid of pain
  • heal wounds and scars
  • regenerate after fatigue
  • eliminate inflammation
  • increase fitness
  • reduce overweight
  • strengthen sexual appetite
  • harden
  • improve cellulite