Operating hours of Cryosauna in Prague 5

Opening hours
  • Monday from 10:00 and from 18:15
  • Tuesday from 10:00 and from 18:15
  • Wednesday from 10:00 and from 18:15
  • Thursday from 10:00 and from 18:15
  • Friday from 10:00

No need to order in advance. At present, there are about 5 clients who follow closely behind to keep the cabin cool. Please always get in time to start operating time. Immediately after the last client, a drying process is started and it is no longer technically possible for you to take the procedure.

Our cryosauna, manufactured and installed in March 2017, has two reservoirs per 230 liters of nitrogen! Doubling nitrogen reserves limits its deficiency even if there is a delay in supply. To check the functionality of cryosauna, you can call 607 091 156 or 251 091 413.

In the procedure, the women first come in the order of their arrival and then the men, in the order they came. The procedure lasts 2 to 3 minutes. One user always passes it and another is preparing (stripping). There are always users of the same gender in the room. For the highest cryosauna efficiency, we recommend that you follow the user's procedure in front of you and enter the cabinet immediately after it goes out. This keeps the cabin in a lower temperature right from the start of your procedure.

The user must be dressed in socks and underwear and be dry (at least one hour after swimming, bathing or heavy sweating). After cryotherapy, you can go out or go to the next fitness club to do aerobic activity.

Payment at the fitness center cash desk on the ground floor, left at the back. Procedures go to the left of the main entrance to the Wellness Center. Upon arrival, please first register your code to enter the fitness center reception on the ground floor at the back. Here you can also pay a one-time admission.

Cryotherapy will help
  • to improve fitness
  • reduce overweight
  • regenerate after fatigue
  • to strengthen sexual appetite
  • tighten
  • Get rid of spine pain
  • strengthen immunity
  • improve cellulite
  • healing wounds and scars