Cryosauna Award Prague 5, Radlice

The cost of input stems from the high price of compressed nitrogen, which causes a rapid cooling. The Kryosaun procedure brings two major benefits. First, it's a time saving, as the cryosauna takes about 3 minutes (with a disguise and waiting for about 10 minutes) versus about 60 to 90 minutes, which takes a warm sauna. Secondly, the cold cryosauna will start you up for several hours, while after a stay in a warm sauna, you mostly want to sleep.

Prices in CZK valid from 1.10.2017 Cash register Payment transfer
Our recommendation Validity Price 1 input Price 1 input
The first 3 entries with us For a new experience and deprived of fear of cold 25. 07. 2019 xxx xxx 600 200 order
One input For impact relief 350 350 xxx xxx
One input (ISIC 26) Benefits for students under 26 25. 07. 2019 250 250 xxx xxx
Pack of 3 inputs Suitable for effective repeated relief 25. 08. 2019 930 310 870 290 order
Pack of 5 inputs Prevention of injury, regeneration 25. 08. 2019 1 450 290 1 350 270 order
Pack of 10 inputs Treatment of inflammations, injuries, skin problems 28. 08. 2019 2 700 270 2 500 250 order
20-Input Pack Treatment of longer-term problems, skin diseases, post-operative conditions, long-term regeneration 28. 08. 2019 5,000 250 4 600 230 order
3 inputs simultaneously For a group of 3 people going in at the same time 25. 08. 2019 700 234 630 210 order
4 inputs at the same time For a group of 4 people going in at the same time 25. 08. 2019 xxx xxx 800 200 order
5 inputs simultaneously For a group of 3 people going in at the same time 25. 08. 2019 1 150 230 1000 200 order

After the transfer and crediting to our account (usually the next working day in the morning), you will automatically receive a code that you can show at your fitness ticket . The period of validity is calculated from the date of payment.

Packages are portable, that is, they can draw more users. "First 3 Entries to Us" can only be paid for by transfer and are subject to a unique bank account, so you can only pay this service from one bank account once. Packages are valid from the day of payment. KRYOSAUNA sro is not a VAT payer.

Payment by transfer is more convenient. After you have been credited to our account at FIO Bank (usually the next working day in the morning), you will automatically receive a code that shows you at a fitness ticket (code shown on your mobile or on a paper).

Payment at the cash desk is more expensive. If you choose a multi-entry package, we will upload your credit card for a magnetic card that you will receive at the reception desk for a deposit of CZK 70. We do not accept credit cards or vouchers.

The procedure normally takes 2.5 to max. 3 minutes and the operator can stop it at any time. Just tell him you're really cold . You can talk and ask all the time (how much time is left). Everyone can react differently in the cold. It depends on your current comfort, your age, your sex and the layer of subcutaneous fat. For first entries, we recommend that you require only 2 minutes (or even less), and add additional entries (up to a maximum of 3 minutes) for additional entries. There is no shame to ask for the interruption of the procedure earlier .

The therapeutic effect begins after approximately 90 seconds. After about 2 minutes you feel cold. If necessary, the procedure can be terminated at any time. The cryosauna door can be easily opened from the inside. You have your head still above the machine - there is no claustrophobia. Upon completion of the procedure, the floor goes to the lower position and the customer can leave the cabin.

When you get out of the cabin, it will be cold for a while. You can make quick exercises to warm up and dress up. Remember that after leaving the warm bathroom in the room, it is usually cold. After winter, in cryosauna, you feel warm in the body after a few minutes. You can wait a while in the lobby or go home, or work out in a fitness or spinning (for a fee). Extend your warm up. Someone may experience fatigue and the need for a short sleep after the procedure.

You can see the effect of cryosauna after a minimum of 3 visits. Frequency of visits is ideal after 3 to 5 days, maximum after about 1 week. During intensive treatment, you can go every day.

KRYOSAUNA sro Company ID: 05768403, Case number: C 97925 at the Regional Court in Brno, Seat: Vídeňská 546/55, Štýřice, 639 00 Brno

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Cryotherapy will help
  • to improve fitness
  • reduce overweight
  • regenerate after fatigue
  • to strengthen sexual appetite
  • tighten
  • Get rid of spine pain
  • strengthen immunity
  • improve cellulite
  • healing wounds and scars