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More about cryosauna

Kryosauna Polarium Prague - Radlice

Cryosauna is an aesthetic cylindrical cabin where the low temperature (-110 to -150 ° C) is precisely set and evenly maintained electronically. The coolant is liquid nitrogen. The bottom of the cab is electrically shifted. The user breathes normal air in the room, his head is always above the cabin, and therefore our cryosauna does not adversely affect people with claustrophobia (unlike the cryocomponent). The user must be dressed in socks and underwear and be dry (at least one hour after swimming, bathing or heavy sweating). After cryotherapy, you can go out or go to the next fitness club to do aerobic activity. Cryotherapy lasts from 2 to 3 minutes. Kryosauna 0104 is a certified medical device (EC No 1451 / M / 0011/05).

Difference between our cryosauna and a cryo room

Our cryosauna does not adversely affect people with claustrophobia. You have your head always above the cabin. It is the difference from the cryocomponent when you are in a small enclosed area where the head is in the fog.